Jesus continues to be the most engaging person who ever lived, not only a man of compelling words, and incredible miracles, but also a man who treated others around him as they had never been treated before.

   Now, through the brush of award-winning artist, Murry Whiteman, and the pen of authors, and collaborators on The Shack, Wayne Jacobsen and Brad Cummings, experience the richness of the One who set the world on fi re. In provocative paintings and insightful prose, these three unveil the life and teachings of Jesus to show how truly unique a person he was.

   Discover afresh Jesus growing up and beginning to grasp his identity as God’s Son, living loved through the temptations and turmoil he faced, and finally offering his own life to rescue people he loved from the darkness and fears that held them captive.

   Let him become more to you than just the character in a book, a name used by those who fight over doctrine, or an empty religious icon. In him the God of the universe came and took up residence in his own creation.

   The world has never been the same since.
Racing the Storm
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